Monday, October 1, 2012

Why this blog?

I am an economics professor at UC San Diego, one of the founders of EconJobMarket (EJM), and the current CEO/Director of EJM.  I and the other EJM directors decided to start this blog as a way of providing information and tips during the job-market season.

There are several reasons why we are doing this.  First, this blog is a place where we can post answers to questions and support requests that we routinely receive, but written in a more comprehensive way than is common with a long list of "frequently asked questions."  Users of EJM (candidates, recruiters, references/proxies) often ask for information about features of the EJM system and for help using the web site.  We hope that by providing some details here, and then referring people to blog posts, we can communicate more efficiently.  (We are running EJM as volunteers, so any time savings is a plus.)  Second, we'll use this blog to provide general advice for candidates on how the market works, what to expect, and how to prepare for the various phases of the market.  Third, we hope to provide some updates on the status of market over time; we might tweet such things as well.  Fourth, we can give some background on EconJobMarket.

The blog is a bit of an experiment.  I plan to post at low frequency -- maybe once per week -- and may not have time enough to keep even this pace, but hopefully something useful will come from this exercise.  By the way,
if you would like to suggest a topic or have leads on useful information for candidates, please put your suggestion in the EJM contact form.

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